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. it's out of control in the parking lot. >> a brawl in the streets involving 200 people. now neighbors are saying enough
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is enough. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. the broadway corridor in san francisco north beach neighborhood attract bar and club hopers on weekends but those same crowds get out of hand and some cases get down right violent. rob roth live in san francisco with a plan being proposed to try to keep the streets calm. >> reporter: frank, residents and business owners in north beach are frustrated and fed up when the nightclubs close on weekends drunken chaos often begins, and this time it was caught on video. >> big brawl, huge brawl call the cops. >> reporter: pushing, shoving, punches thrown. it happened early sunday morning at a parking lot on broadway as a series of fights broke out it took police more than an hour to break them up. by the title the dust settled had people a refered two officers were injured one was kicked in the head. roger wyman lives in north
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beach member of the neighborhood improvement association he saw part of what happened. >> these are folks that were very intoxicated that were pushed out from the clubs, they were mingling with other folks that were in the streets. these are 18-year-olds that drink on the streets. that's when the skirmish began. >> reporter: this owner said what a drunken partier did two weeks ago. >> he threw the garbage can three times and went through the plate glass. >> reporter: many officers have been pulled from patrolling north beach on weekend flights to more violent neighborhoods because of under staffing. >> we're working together with the community, the entertainment commission and the board of supervisors and of course leadership of the mayor to make sure we get it safe. >> unfortunately this incident continued to highlight the need for more patrolling on broadway. >> reporter: the city has imposed tighter regulations for party promoters and nightclubs but the problems persist. >> i've seen the good times and bad times there is a low point unfortunately.
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>> reporter: one plan floated is promotion of community business district business owners would pay a special fee for increased security. rob roth ktvu channel 2 nice. hayward police have captured a wanted man. police converged on the area of south garden avenue near a street. hayward officers arrested 22- year-old solomon cruz espinosa of union city after a chase. one officer suffered minor scrapes when he tried to arrest him last week. pleasant hill released sketches researching two of three men suspected in an armed home invasion robbery earlier there month. one plan is described as 5'10" with a thin frame the second is mid 20s of feet tall. police released these surveillance images the men fled in a white chevrolet
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trailblazer and toyota solar and they stole cache laptop and a land gun. a south bay plan accused of a deadly office shooting took to the witness stand again and detailed what prompted him to kill three of his bowses. this was list second day on the witness stand. he maintains he went insane after he was fired from his job. he was high tech engineer for the santa clara company. he's accused of shooting his immediate supervisor, the c eeo and the office manager. he has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity a claim the prosecution rejects. we first told you about it last night at this time. a prostitution ring busted up in san jose and a child forced into the sex trade freed. robert handa is live in san jose with the efforts being made to make sure even more children are set free. >> reporter: well, police have been trying to deal with prostitution in certain areas of the city for many years. and as we've shown you before, this area is one of them near
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downtown. at 5:00 we talked about a police sting operation that took place here recently, and now we want to focus on what's being done about youngsters forced into prostitution. police call the area around monterey road south first street the monterey corridor and as we reported earlier, police cited a does so-called johns and prostitutes here but one was more of a rescue. >> one of the prostitutes was a 16-year-old female had been driven here by an adult she was from the east bay and very sad in the interview afterwards she basically said she had been doing this since she was 11 years old. >> reporter: police try to track down the man who brought her to the area. a county wide human trafficking task force is grateful for the attention on the under aged victim. >> particularly that we a terming these victims these are not child prostitutes. >> reporter: police human trafficking enforcement officers agree and hope the public does too. >> if they he see a young girl
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that looks like she's underage or young boy that looks underage in a situation like this or adult who looks like they are being forced don't want to be out there give the police a call so we can check on their welfare. >> reporter: some people in the months ray corridor are supportive but skeptical. all the prostitutes can be rescued. >> no jobs out here. especially for kids who don't have education. and young kids whose parents don't care so they have no choice but to prostitute. >> reporter: coalition to end human trafficing says it will focus on bolstering resources for young victims at a meeting next month. live in san jose robert handa channel 2 news. authorities are looking for two men a prime suspect in a triple homicide. mark cap people 0 was arrested. the victims were killed over a marijuana deal. the sonoma county sheriff's
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office released these pictures of two men taken at a sheriff ron station. they were seen with car people car people 0 three days before the shootings. our exclusive new field poll shows californians opinion of the state legislature is gradually improving. majority say they disapprover of the job state lawmakers are doing. 36% approve. but compare that to less than 3 years ago when the approval rating was only at 10%. at that time the legislature was 3 months late with a state budget. today the state has a balanced budget and supermajority of democrats in both chambers. 55% of those surveyed said they like having democrats in control of both the assembly and state senate. the obama administration is considering filing a friend of the court brief in the proposition 8 case before the u. s. supreme court.
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the president raised hopes among same-sex marriage advocates when he said in his inaugural address that gays and lesbians should be treated like flynn else under the law. the us j 'tis department last until the end of the month to file the brief which would reportedly back efforts to overturn prop 8. the high court will hear arguments on case march 26th. at least 3 dozen tax forms are still waiting for approval due to congress's delayed action on the fiscal cliff. many taxpayers are wondering how long their refunds might be delayed as a result. for the answer we go to the news room and consumer editor tom vacar. >> reporter: yes indeed. the good news most of the forms the overwhelming majority of us use are ready to go. we confirmed that today with walnut creek cpa leslie dawson. >> we received notice yesterday from our tax processing program that a number of the forms were no longer on draft, in draft form so we could finally start processing the returns with an assurance that he they would go through not be rejected and not
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require army. >> most people can expect refund within 21 days and people get it less than that and they can continue to do so. >> reporter: feel free to check on your refund but only do it once a day. >> right now we're inundated on the phones. this is our busy effort time after the president's day holiday. the best time to check is late in the day or late in the week. >> reporter: you can also check online at check only once a day or the system will also easily become overwhelmed. i'm consumer editor tom vacar ktvu channel 2 news. test la motor shares fell more than 2% after hours after the company posted a larger than expected quarterly loss. the palo alto electric car maker says it lost 7 a million dollars last quarter on sales of $306 million. test la has been in the headlines all week after a new york times article claimed the company's new model s performed
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poorly in cold weather. the ceo said the story was factually inaccurate. the stock markets backed off record highs. an lives are concerned about along federal reserve about stimulus. the dow lost 108 points the nasdaq fell 49. the medical examiner identified a hiker who fell to his death at allen rock park. he was reported missing saturday. his body was found sunday about 1' 150 down a steep cliff. they retrieved his body on monday. he was in a dangerously steep area that is closed to the public. an evacuation order for part of san francisco's mission district has been lifted after a gas leak was capped. news chopper 2 was overhead as pg&e he worked to stop the leak near 24th and bryant streets happened at 10:30 this morning. 40 people ended up being
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evacuated and other businesses and homes were told to shelter in place. pg&e he says the problem is the contractor doing excavation work dropped a large rock on to the pipeline. the evacuation order was lifted by about 12:40. a state and lift is reg an audit for accounts held by the california public utilities commission. the legislative an list office wants investigators to look at how the cpuc manages accounts for the state's largest utility. pg&e southern california edison and san diego gas and electric it's set up to track revenue such as energy conservation. a proposal to reduce camino real is up for public determination. they are holding four public hearings the first two are tomorrow at 8:00 po in the morning. and 5:30 at night at the santa clara city council chamber. the other meetings are at 8:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. on february 28th in the
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mountain view city council chamber. kelloggs has recalled packages of special k because the serial may contain fragments of glass. the recall covers three sizes of special k red berry cereal. kelloggs is offering a coupon for a free box and some cases the company says it play ask consumers to send them the product for examination. you can find details information on our web site at under web links. cool temperatures are still lingering just ahead detailed outlook for the rest of the week and when warmer weather will come back. but first spectacular views that you can't use. how a of million a $6 million projects slid away. >> in just 3 minutes the bay area community teaming with wild turkeys why the normal cross aren't working.
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l. in one month golden gate bridge will eliminate human toll takers in favor of electronic tolls. we saw crews installing new led signs at the toll plaza as it gets the word out about the switch. they are urging commuters to sign up for fast track. you can link an account to license plate or prepay up to 30 days in advance those without an account will get an invoice in the mail. flocks of wild turkey hes have played their home in one east bay community. let's say the neighbors say those turkeys are causing some problems. a neighborhood that is under siege. >> reporter: a flock of wild turkeys marching down the street. they they have essentially
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taken over this neighborhood. 30 birds have made their home in the redwood tree. >> we want them to please just go away find another tree to raft. >> reporter: the birds first showed up around the holidays. >> right around thanksgiving. >> reporter: at first it was kind of funny but it wasn't long before the wild birds wore out their welcome especially with their early morning gobbling. >> he they wake up before my 1- year-old. we just don't sleep. >> reporter: turkey hes have forced her to keep her two young sons indoors. >> they have made a mess of the yard and the property and we have two sons and small albany yard and our kids aren't allowed to play in the yard. >> reporter: most every one on this street is fed you will with their foul nay neighbor it they will fly up on to roofs and leave behind droppings.
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an expert with the wildlife department told me the turkeys are probably sticking around because someone is feeding them. >> these large birds can weigh up to 20 pounds and both is worried about them getting more aggressive. she's asked for help from city county and state. in albany alex safer age ktvu cancel the the news. >> she was investigators today renewed their criminal investigation into what happened to an 8-year-old boy at a school in antioch. today they interviewed the boy's mother. last november she filed a complaint, then yesterday she filed there lawsuit. she allegationes that 3 months ago her son's third grade teacher taped the boy's mouth with duct tape and that another teacher punished him by placing a chair over him and then sitting on it. the boy no longer attends that charter school in antioch. when we contacted antioch's
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school superintendent today for comment he said the school, which is not in session this week, is and independent charter school. a new anti-bullying law has been proposed would set up a statewide bullying prevention hotline. the phone number would be staffed with trained professionals. it would create a new outlet for bullied students to seek help and remain anonymous. >> you don't have to be the tattletale you don't have to be the snitch that tells on the bully. just do it anonymously we take care of the rest. >> it is not clear yet how much it will cost to run the hotline. the 1-800 number would be for students k through 12th great. tech titans announce the launch of a new science award. mark suckerburg mark
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zuckerberg announced the prize. the newly formed prize in life sciences foundation will handouts the awards. popular coastal trail in san francisco is off limits tonight because officials are still trying to figure out how to fix it. the popular california coastal trail underwent a 6 million- dollar upgrade last summer but rain in december washed out part of the trail. it's part of a golden gate conservancy. officials say they are committed to fixing it there are no plans yet for repairs. state lawmakers pressed the director of the state parks department for a second day about the agency's money scandal. it was revealed last year that parks officials head millions of dollars in funds in orderer to cover up accounting errors. no criminal charges have been filed. now parks director major general anthony jackson promised today that the problems will be fixed. >> we acknowledge that
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unfortunate and improper actions occurred and need to be fixed and prevented from occurring in the future. >> lawmakers also grilled the deputy attorney general peter south worth about why no criminal charges have been filed. south worth would only say that his criminal division is investigating. snow on bay area peaks this morning when you woke you may have looked at diablo and seen snow. it is gone now. the weather system is way south of here. you can see another system up here but you can see it's kind of worked its way through here. it's not going to make it into our area so we're not having a storm door open kind of scenario where we'll see more rain. we're going to starts to dry out always we did today continue to dry for couple of days. temperatures outside are mild. 10 degrees warmer than they were yesterday. yesterday was cold. we will upper 40s, mid 40s in some places for daytime highs. current temperatures almost 60
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in antioch. it's going to be a nice evening and afternoon. overnight lows will be chilly as you get into the early morning hours of santa rosa. temperatures in the upper 20s and low 30s. so below freezing freezing frosty in the morning hours. you'll certainly see frost tomorrow morning. vallejo and fremont good chance to see some frost. be ready for it. it is in the 50s maybe a couple of low 60s. as we head into the weekend certainly friday night early saturday morning we might see a sprinkle. it looks as throw it will be a very weak event. our system depositing snow around spring training but that's south of here. high pressure stays with us thursday and friday gives us a dry forecast with minor warming. really right into the next couple of days into most of the weekend. the weekend is going to cool off i'll show you why thursday
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1:00 tomorrow and thursday, friday afternoon. this is what i'm watching. thursday, friday looks nice like today. here's what i'm watching. there thing comes down friday night late into saturday morning as it goes through kind of switches airmass is a little bit going to cool things off for your saturday a few degrees and maybe bring some sprinkles. maybe bring some. that's not a big rain producer. forecast highs tomorrow warmer than they were today. quite nice really for february. no big rain systems in the making. of course i know julie you've been working on the chinese new year parade for saturday of course we're carrying it here. there's a chance for rain late friday night early saturday morning but that's not going to impact the parade at all. wherever a.m., 5:00 a.m. >> our parade is in the evening. that's good news. >> thanks bill. >> thank you, bill. >> coming up on bay area news at 7:00. users for one service online
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for thousands of deals. >> reporter: easy way to get cash it comes at a price how a san francisco lawsuit means check and go customers can get l money back for excessive fees. >> the game plan devised by a coach fired in the hazing scandal to get his job back. we hope you join us at 7:00 on tv 36. google is holding a competition for its latest gadget. the simple action you must take for a chance to get your hands on a pair of these google glasses.
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. okay look at this for anyone who would like to get a pair of those google glasses here's your chance. the tech giant has announced an online competition people can smith their ideas how to use the glasses' words or less with the lash taking if i had glass. the deadline is next wednesday and google will offer the glass toes the top 8,000 applicants but they won't be free. winners will have to pay $1,500 for those techie specs. >> i wonder what that would be like. i can see both of you in those. >> i think they would driver me crazy. drive me crazy.
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>> thank goodness for e-mail and twitter because a's fans always let me know when we don't talk about them. they are the best. you know so equal time for oakland after all winning the american league west. certainly deserving of that. this is video though from sunday as the a's work out. core of the playoff team is back but they have flu comers like jed lowry product out of stanford veteran outfielder from the diamondbacks chris young he came over during the past winter very familiar with what the a's have accomplished and wants very much to be a part in their future growth. >> i'm a pretty free easy going guy in my opinion. i'm all about having fun as well. so, oakland is a great place to be able to do that at the same time i want to get on the field they are about winning. winning is always fun. if we continue winning we can continue the pie throwing and dancing and everything else they do. >> it was a team that made a historic run and won their division last day of the year.
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it was probably one of the better feel good stories of last season. >> is a stanford guy okay in here? >> i think so i think the only way to find out is just go do it. >> sure wasn't baseball weather down in the desert today. not good for golf either behalf play championship suspended by terrible weather as you look at our time lapse video. inches of snow in the middle of the desert in arizona. best 64 golfers in the world not par for the course. everything is put on hold. nba trade deadline coming up. warriors should maybe consider getting some help outside the species. how about the dunk inotter from the oregon zoo. there is eddie. 15-year-old sea otter lease had arthritis in his elbows zookeepers came up with this idea to work out her joints. he can definitely take it to the rim. that is something else. that's also the sporting life right now. >> looks like he's having fun.
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>> i didn't even flow to be honest that otters had elbows. >> or arthritis. >> he showed them off. >> so cute. thank you. and if you hear your teen talking about mali, it's not a person it's the latest psychedelic trend coming up tonight on the 10:00 news we take a closer look at this club drug regaining renewed popularity. that's tonight at 10:00. thanks for joining us. [ crickets chirping ]

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